Burundi: Consultant International pour l'elaboration d'un plan national d'acceleration de l'e-TME et d'un plan d'acceleration de la prise en charge pediatrique (selon l'initiative Start Free, Stay Free, AIDS free), 4 semaines, Bujumbura,BurundiClosing date: 2018-09-21Organization: UN Children's Fund Share
International Rescue CommitteeBurundi: Protection and Rule of Law CoordinatorClosing date: 2018-09-26Organization: International Rescue Committee Share
Burundi: Chef de mission - BurundiClosing date: 2018-09-30Organization: PL4Y International - Sport Sans Frontières Share
Burundi: CRP – Coordinateur Régional Projets - Afrique Grands Lacs (RD Congo e Burundi)Closing date: 2018-09-30Organization: International Volunteer Service for Development Share
Burundi: National Communication Consultant “Production and Digital Media”Closing date: 2018-10-01Organization: UN Children's Fund Share
Burundi: CONSULTANT INTERNATIONAL POUR APPUI LOGISTIQUE A L’ORGANISATION DE LA CAMPAGNE MenA ,Bujumbura, Burundi (4 Mois)Closing date: 2018-10-02Organization: UN Children's Fund Share
International Organization for MigrationBurundi: Project Officer (Psychosocial Support)Closing date: 2018-10-02Organization: International Organization for Migration Share
Burundi: Director of FinanceClosing date: 2018-10-06Organization: Village Health Works Share

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