Closing Date : 2020-02-22
Duty Station : Manila, Philippines
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Organization: Netherlands Red Cross
Country: Philippines
Closing date: 22 Feb 2020

Conduct assessment on the biophysical, ecological and socio-economic conditions of mangroves ecosystem of Tacloban.

Design feasible community based ecological mangrove restoration(CBEMR) and integrated SLM plan for the target Barangays.

Develop Mangroves and Coastal Ecosystem Restoration/ Rehabilitation Guideline in the context of Tacloban.

Develop M & E framework for regular monitoring of CBEMR and SLM activities .

The assignment includes;

Conduct mangroves and coastal wetland inventory and assess the biophysical and ecological conditions of mangroves ecosystem and identify threats, vulnerability as well as management, institutional arrangements and socio-economic linkages that impact the coastal and highland ecosystems of 7 targeted Barangays in Tacloban.

The study also examine the city government plans on mangrove plantation to ensure convergence. Identify the elements that determine these conditions: landscape management, institutional arrangements for management and maintenance and socio-economic processes

Conduct a cost benefit analysis of mangroves and examine a win - win solution pertaining to the mangroves in conjunction with sea walls as well as stand alone.

Based on the findings develop work plan for community based mangrove conservation and restoration and upstream SLM activities in all 7 target Barangays.

Conduct consultations with government and communities to inform (i) ecological selection of appropriate local varieties, considering their reproduction and growth specificities; (ii) hydrology types that may necessitate mangrove zonation; (iii) potential disturbance factors, including anticipated increased storminess that may require the plantation of mature species and establishment of nurseries for replacement, etc.

Establish the value of mangrove areas and linkage between land use, groundwater quality/availability, and coastal areas management.

Develop Mangroves and coastal Ecosystem Restoration/ Rehabilitation Guideline in the context of Tacloban.

Develop M&E framework for regular monitoring of CBEMR and SLM activities

Preferred job qualification:

Advanced/ MSc. Degree in Marine Ecology, Coastal Ecosystem Management, Wetland Management Natural Resources Management, Environmental Science, Forestry, or in any disciplines relevant to mangrove/coastal ecosystem restoration, coastal adaptation and shoreline management.

Professional level experience to the stated role and responsibilities including community based ecological mangrove rehabilitation/restoration, watershed management, forestry, coastal ecosystem conservation, natural resources management preferably within international Organizations;

Extensive practical experience related to coastal areas management, including mangroves restoration, coastal wetlands, watershed and SLM activities as well as climate change adaptation and mitigation; Practical Expertise in designing and field testing surveys and other data collection instruments and demonstrated skills in evaluating coastal ecosystem services values

How to apply:

Interested candidate consultants may send an email to ihlogistics@redcross.nlin order to obtain the invitation to bid.

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