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Duty Station : Beirut, Lebanon
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Organization: M decins du Monde
Country: Lebanon
Closing date: 19 Feb 2020

Position: Consultant (or group of researchers) for a Study on Gender, Mental Health, and Substance Use

Required deliverables: Inception/desk review, two reports and one presentation of the findings of the study in a conference organized by the consortium

Project: Improving mental health and well-being of people living in Lebanon

Time-Frame for this assignment: March-December 2020

Duration: 10 months

Location: Lebanon

Type ofconsultancy: Field study-based consultancy

How to apply:send resume/CV(s), cover letter(s), proposed methodology, and budget to the following email address mdm.lebanon.hr@gmail.com, mentioning Field study-based consultancy in the subject email.

CV(s) should be no longer than 1.5-2 pages, cover letter should be no longer than 1 page, proposal (methodology/budget) should be no longer than 3-4 pages (excluding the budget length).

Deadline for application: [February 19, 2020]

About the project:

A consortium of six organizations, including M decins du Monde (MdM), Skoun, Abaad, Amel, Embrace and Humanity and Inclusion (HI), supported by the Agence Francaise de Development (AFD), aims to improve the opportunities for individuals living in Lebanon to enjoy the best possible mental health and wellbeing. The consortium aims to reach its objective through the development of a community-based Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) and Substance Use (SU) system offering appropriate, quality and inclusive services to all people living in Lebanon, particularly the most vulnerable groups and people at risk. The specific activities of the project target the different levels of the social ecological model with activities designed and aimed at the individual, interpersonal, organizational, community and public policy levels. Gender has been integrated as a core component of this project. Gender dedicated means allocated under this intervention allow for concrete implementation, monitoring and evaluation of this dimension. Beyond sex-differentiated and gender-specific indicators included within the project, allowing a gender approach to inform on project progress and adjustment needs, effective gender mainstreaming will be further ensured through conducting a research study that aims at looking at gender barriers and determinants to access MHPSS and SU services. Findings from this study will help inform policy and decision makers, as well as stakeholders involved in planning and implementing MHPSS and SU services in Lebanon.


Social norms create specific barriers with access to MHPSS and SU services. Through capitalization and documentation, knowledge on barriers and determinants to access will be consolidated. The consultant will conduct a study to better understand gender barriers and facilitating factors to accessing mental health and substance use services among adults with mental health and/or substance use needs in Lebanon. He/she will also take into account various forms of vulnerability and how they might add to the barriers in (or facilitate) accessing these services. Dissemination of the results will inform immediate project implementation, the MHPSS and SU sector for future interventions, contributing discussion with national stakeholders on policy and legal environment.

The specific objectives are:

To identify and analyse the socio- cultural, family, environmental and economic factors that have an impact on MHPSS

To compile and analyse the social norms, popular representations, perceptions and cultural issues around MHPSS in local communities targeted by the project (representations from men, women, girls and boys)

To identify community and health care service providers and analyse their perception regarding MHPSS

To have information about the impact of gender in the therapeutic relationship and coordination between health care providers and users

To formulate recommendations to guide/define the strategy to mobilize the community in the target project area.


Methodology [1 week]:

Developan appropriate research methodology for the study including that should include at least:

Develop a full research methodology including interview guide and consent form to be submitted to a local IRB including:

o Desk review methodology

o Stakeholders interview:

Develop a process to identify a list of relevant stakeholders (including persons with lived experience and their families) to be interviewed, their profiles, and location(s)

Develop a full research methodology including interview guide and consent form to be submitted to a local IRB

Ensure that the research design is in line with MOPH Circular 22 for research (Arabic/English)

o Document and analyze the data in a systematic manner

Coordinate closely with the consortium and the National Mental Health Programme during all the process

Write-up and dissemination

Desk review [4 weeks]:

Conduct a thorough desk review on mental health, substance use and gender in Lebanon

This entails:

Context analysis on Lebanon

Gender and mental health studies and services

Gender and substance use studies and services

Mental health and substance use studies and services

Gender roles studies in Lebanon

Studies or assessments on barriers and facilitating factors.

IRB process and approval (and other necessary ethical approvals): [8-12 weeks]

Apply for IRB approval at a relevant Ministry of Public Health approved institution

Apply for approval from the National Mental Health Program/MOPH as per circular 22

Recruitment and training of data collectors:

Recruit data collectors and approve by MDM and Abaad, and train on relevant subjects such as research ethics, gender, substance use, mental health, and trauma-informed interviewing.

Data collection and Transcription [6 weeks, 4-5 weeks for data collection, 2 weeks for transcription]

Conduct data collection Conduct transcriptions of all interviewsTranslate the documents to English when needed

Data analysis[4 weeks]

Data analysis Reporting of the analyzed data

Write-up and dissemination plan: [5-6 weeks]

Conductwrite-up for tworeports:

1- Gender determinants of access to MHPSS services in Lebanon with recommendations.

2- Gender determinants of access to substance use services in Lebanon with recommendations.

3- Propose a dissemination plan for these reports (including a dissemination conference)

Management of the research:

Ensure thorough research documentation and consistent communication and updates with MDM, Skoun and Abaad focal pointsMaintain project files, tracking and related documentation against project work plan, making sure it is done within the set timeline.Coordinate with community mental health centers (CMHCs) in Lebanon through Medecins du monde, Skoun and Abaad focal points.Interacts effectively and collegially with all employees, fostering a supportive and cross departmental working environmentManage from a technical perspective the research process, and reporting based on the design provided by the steering group


Desk reviewFull proposal for the research to be submitted for the IRB including Consent form, interview guides, etc.Monthly report on the progress of the workTranscriptsTwo reports, one PPTConference presentation

Inception report

The inception report should contain a literature review, statements on the topics outlined in the ToRs as well as to output and deliverables:

Written feedback by MdM

Submission of work plan

Developed final tools for the research like questionnaire, FGDs guide etc. in consultation with project team

Final report

A provisional final report is provided after the end of the field phase.

MdM then has several weeks to make any comments and observations

The definitive final report must integrate these comments/observations/debates/ discussions

Criteria of selection / Minimum qualifications and professional experience:

Technical skills and qualifications:

Master s degree in psychology, public health, anthropology or any related health fieldA PhD degree is a plusFluent in Arabic, English (spoken and written)2 to 3 years of research experience (preferably with NGOs)Experience in, quantitative and qualitative research and preferably management skillsExperience with Mental health, gender and substance use services.Previous experience with qualitative data analysis software preferredReporting skillsAnalytical skills

Soft skills:

Able to communicate with mental health and substance use service users in a sensitive and informed mannerAble to handle tight deadlines in a professional mannerCommunicative Organized and timelyCreative in overcoming the barriers present in humanitarian contexts

Interested consultants are hereby invited to submit expressions of interest by sending their CV and financial offer with their daily rate to:mdm.lebanon.hr@gmail.comwith the following email s title: Gender Study Consultancy

Please note that your technical offer shall mention:

Understanding of the Terms of ReferenceTechnical approach developed and detailed methodology Provisional timetable for the evaluation References from at least two similar previous assignments

Please note that your financial offer shall mention:

Your name and contacts (address, phone and email) or corporate name and contacts

Financial proposal including:

o Detailed budget, including all taxes and incorporating a budget break-down (per number of days, unit)

o Aproximal translation costs, communication, other (to specify).

o Terms of payment

A steering committee (composed of MdM, Abaad and Skoun) will oversee the consultancy and ensure smooth operation through the following:

Identify, hire and coordinate with the consultant

Approve the recruitment of data collectors

Provide training for data collectors on issues relevant to the research topic and necessary to conduct data collection and interviews.

Oversee all logistical and contractual arrangements with the consultant and data collection.

Examine and approve key deliverables according to the terms of reference.

Provide documentation and institutional support to the consultant.

Facilitate access to key stakeholders and to information needed to carry out the consultancy.

Provide a working space for the consultant if needed

Expression of interest deadline: February 19, 2020

Please note that the CVs and financial offers received after this deadline will be not considered.

The selection will be based on the criteria of selection mentioned above and on the financial offer received.

How to apply:

How to apply:send resume/CV(s), cover letter(s), proposed methodology, and budget to the following email address mdm.lebanon.hr@gmail.com, mentioning Field study-based consultancy in the subject email.

CV(s) should be no longer than 1.5-2 pages, cover letter should be no longer than 1 page, proposal (methodology/budget) should be no longer than 3-4 pages (excluding the budget length).

Deadline for application: [February 19, 2020]

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