Closing Date : 2020-01-25
Duty Station : Herat, Afghanistan
Application : Apply for the job

Organization: Citizens' Charter National Priority Program
Country: Afghanistan
Closing date: 25 Jan 2020


(Consulting Services Individual consultant)

International Operations Expert

Country:Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Project Name:Citizens Charter National Priority Program (CCNPP)

Project ID:P160567

Grant No.:IDA-D1390

Assignment Title:Hiring International Operations Expert

Ref. No.:AF-IDLG-135484-CS-INDV

Contract duration:(12 months)

Reporting to:Operations Director (ED), Urban CCAP-EZ-Kar PIU, DMM, IDLG

I.Introduction/ Background

The Deputy Ministry of Municipalities (DMM) within the Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) serves as the Implementing Agency (IA) for

the urban Citizens Charter Afghanistan Project (CCAP), the Cities Investment Project (CIP), the Component Two of the Eshteghal Zaiee Karmondena Project (EZ-Kar CII, sharing a PIU with the urban CCAP), the Component Three of the Eshteghal Zaiee Karmondena Project (EZ-Kar CIII, sharing a PIU with the CIP) and

These four of these are closely inter-related given shared operational modalities, one dependent on the other for its funding tranche releases, shared Project Implementation Units (PIUs) etc. The Consultant will be required to focus on the urban CCAP and the EZ-Kar CII that share a common Project Implementation Unit (PIU).

The urban CCAP, with a total budget currently of US$ 123.7 million has a current mandate for 850 communities and 170 gozars in the four cities of Herat, Jalalabad, Kandahar and Mazar. With a duration from January 2017 to October 2021, this Project is nearing the Mid-Term Review (MTR) phase. The urban CCAP aims to provide basic infrastructure, emergency support and social services to communities via strengthened Community Development Councils (CDCs). It includes grants to these CDCs and gozar assemblies (GAs) for a limited permissible menu of subprojects.

The EZ-Kar CII, with a total budget currently of US$ 120.5 million, had an approved mandate for 1,160 communities, 232 gozars and 75 business gozars in 12 cities. With a duration from January 2019 to December 2023, the work for this Component is still under mobilization phase. This sub-component includes short term employment opportunities, market enabling infrastructure and municipal level regulatory reforms in the target areas. The objective of the EZ-Kar as a whole, including this Component, is to strengthen the enabling environment for economic opportunities in cities with the highest influx of displaced populations, including both IDPs and returnees.

II.Roles/Responsibilities Expected for the Position:


The Consultant will serve as a Operations Expert/ Advisor to the CCAP-EZ Kar PIU, especially supporting the Operations Directorate and the Operational Units in day-to-day management and implementation. He will also serve to ensure proper linkages between the Program and Operational units such that there is improved efficiency and smooth implementation of both Projects on the ground.


Support the Operations Directorate in ensuring all requirements of the financing and grant agreements and the project appraisal document (PAD) are adequately captured in the EZ-Kar Component Two s Operations Manual module.

Support the Directorate to conduct periodic lessons-learned and best practice workshops with FPs and field staff and compile the findings from them. Use these and other feedback from staff to periodically revise the Operations and Training Manuals as needed.

Help align the CCAP and EZ-Kar work planning, especially in the headquarters and shared 3 PMUs, such that the staff shared between the two projects are not over-stretched and can devote adequate time and attention to both.

Support the Directorate in preparing work plans and budgets for the whole duration of the program, and then broken up annually and quarterly.

Ensure that project wide work plans and budgets are then broken up by the 4 cities for CCAP and 12 cities for EZ-Kar. Train the operational units in the HQ and key staff from the field offices to prepare such detailed work plans and budgets for FPs, PMUs and individual units.

Periodically review the work progress on the ground and the budget execution against approved work plans. Keep management informed on trends, challenges, gaps and serious deviations.

Support the Operational Units in responding to observations related to their work from the ARTF third party monitors (TPM), external auditors, internal control/ audit, etc. Train them in how to handle such responses for the future as well.

Support the Operational Units in preparing for the EZ-Kar and CCAP World Bank Implementation Support Missions (WB/ ISMs) including in presenting work progress, challenges and key plans, in responding to Bank queries during sessions, in reviewing and providing feedback to Aide Memoires, and in following up and completing agreed action points.

Periodically review the work of the Facilitating Partners (FPs) both quantitatively and qualitatively against agreed/ required milestones/ benchmarks and provide feedback to the management for their improvement.

Periodically review the work outputs of the 12 PMUs for both programs, especially with regard to subproject proposal review and approval, FP management, and monitoring and reporting. Provide feedback for improvement.

Support the Operations Directorate in periodic review of the organizational structure and staffing against the dynamic work load of the various HQ units and the PMUs as work progresses for both programs. Advise of changes required.

Conduct workshops to compile lessons-learned from the ground and ensure these are captured in subsequent OM revisions and/or in changes to the training manuals.

Note: All work outputs of the Consultant as part of this Contract will remain the property of the IDLG/ DMM and may not be reproduced or used by the Consultant without the express written confirmation of the Client. All reporting by the Consultant will be shared only to the stated officials and not to third parties, including CCAP/ EZ-Kar stakeholders).

Qualification and Experience Requirements:

Education:Master Degree in social sciences, community development, public administration, business management or related fields.

Work Experience:A minimum of 10 years working in development fields, work experience in similar urban development programs, experience working with government and international organization. At least 5 years working in senior management and/or advisory roles, and with at least 2 working in Government, donor agencies and/or very large NGOs for large development programs.

Other Requirements:

Ability to work under difficult circumstances and with changing priorities.Good English language skills, in both verbal and written communication.Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Power point)
How to apply:

Expressions of interest must be delivered in a written form to the address below (in person, by mail, or by e-mail) by 25thJanuary, 2020by 16:00 Hours. (Kabul Local Time). Further information in respect to this REOI can be obtained at the address below by email or in person during office hours [08:00-16:30 Hours].

Attention: Procurement Management Unit Head, Umar Sultani

Citizen Charter National Priority Program (CCNPP)

Deputy Ministry of Municipalities

1st Street of Ansari Square, District 4th, Shahr-e-Naw, Kabul Afghanistan.

Email:, copy to,, and,

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