OxfamClosing Date : 2019-06-16
Duty Station : Bujumbura, Burundi
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Organization: Oxfam
Country: Burundi
Closing date: 16 Jun 2019

1. Background

In Burundi, Oxfam is contributing to Oxfam s Vision that all Burundians, of all ages, will live in a democratic society where everyone will benefit the freedom in the respect of human rights and values of solidarity . Oxfam in Burundi is operating in a variety of areas of intervention: sustainable livelihoods, empowerment of small agricultural producers - particularly women and youth, strengthening of local civic society, social cohesion. Oxfam way of working consists of partnering with other actors - with a particular focus on Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) advocating for people to be listened to and heard and with the public administration where possible.

The security context in Burundi has been very fragile and may constitute a hindrance to Oxfam s initiatives at some level, thus aborting the goal of achieving the organization s mission. There is the restriction of democratic space and media freedom which reflects a lack of trust and dialogue between the government and opposition parties: Moreover, to understand Burundi purely in terms of Hutu-Tutsi conflict is effectively to silence other aspects to the conflict: these include the socio-economic aspects, the intra-group conflicts, and the situation of the Twa, the latter being almost always ignored by analyses of the conflict.

Presently the country is crossing a crucial period before the 2020 elections and the situation is expected to deteriorate as 2020 approaches. There are further political and security challenges ahead as armed groups alleged to be Burundian rebels are reported to be on the outskirts of the country.

The precarious state of the economy is another concern that could lead to a political and security collapse.

2. Objectives

Have a more in-depth view and analysis of the country s context (taking into consideration, among others, the following aspects: politics, economy, tribes, ethnic groups, ongoing/potential armed conflict, armed groups, relationship/tensions with neighbouring countries );

Have a more comprehensive view by providing an analysis of any relevant issues in a specific local context within the country (including areas where Oxfam is not present) and how it affects/may affect other areas or the entire country;

Have a more in-depth knowledge on the different threats and risks in the country;

Have a better understanding of the context in order to inform, adopt and implement relevant security policies and strategies;

Identify country specific trends which may have a broader impact (within the same country and/or in the region/sub-region);

Have a better understanding of which kind of humanitarian interventions could be necessary in the future according to the different scenarii.

3. Key outputs

Provide a substantial country specific context analysis;

Provide a more in-depth threat and risk assessment of the country (taking into considerations specific localities);

Identify key trends (current and/or emerging) in the country (political instability, upcoming elections, possible armed conflict, ethnic tension, environmental challenges, organised crime, extremism ) which are affecting/may affect the country;

Point out any relevant security related dynamics currently impacting/influencing any specific regions/areas/states within the country (not limited to regions in which Oxfam currently has operations);

Provide potential scenarios based on the context analysis and current and/or emerging trends;

Provide an analysis of some key strength and weaknesses of the state, including the state of the opposition parties in exile;

Provide key statistics and mapping of major incidents affecting I/NGO, humanitarian organisations and workers in the country.

To help capture the dimensions of effects of the instability on the communities that Oxfam has been called to serve in Burundi and inspire or reshape working strategies

4. Support provided

Oxfam will to the extent possible share any related and relevant information and reports it has;

Oxfam Burundi country office will assist the consultant(s) if field missions will be necessary

5. Location and duration

Depending on the consultant(s) needs, the work can be partially done from his/her home country, although field missions could be also envisaged.

A draft document of the full Country Security Analysis report is to be submitted to Oxfam Burundi country office at least a week before the set deadline.

6. Required deliverables


Draft version

Presentation of the report

The presentation has to be done in person or via Skype for the Country Leadership Team plus the Humanitarian Project manager and the Programmes Quality Focal Point.

Final version of the Security Analysis Report

8. Desired profile of the evaluation team

The evaluation team will be ideally composed of at least two people: an international lead consultant as head of mission and a consultant from the Great Lakes region, with a good knowledge of the local environment and situation. At least one of them must be fluent in French. The main consultant is specialised in legal and security analysis, especially in fragile contexts, with a proven track records of successful evaluations in the field. He/she has to demonstrate experience in establishing networks to support engagement with key stakeholders required for the study. The national consultant must also have a proven track record of at least 5 years in projects evaluation and/or legal and security analysis.

The consultants will have to be available to present their findings in person or via Skype at the Burundi CO and/or the HECA region in Nairobi. **

How to apply:

Please send:

A technical offer, which includes the comprehension of the mission and the CVs of the consultants

A financial offer

By June, 16th2019at the following addresses: to jobsburundi@oxfamnovib.nl, Alice.quagliato@oxfam.organd Michael.borter@oxfam.org

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