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Duty Station : Amman, Jordan
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Organization: Terre des hommes
Country: Jordan
Closing date: 15 Jul 2018
Job Description and Requirements
Job description

The Area Operations Manager leads the implementation of the Tdh programme in the northern governorates, with an office based in Irbid, ensuring integration and high quality of implementation of all projects in line with Tdh standards of quality and timely management.

Under the line supervision of the Programme Coordinator and in coordination with the Senior Management Team (SMT) members, the main tasks of this function are: *North Operations and Security**: Lead and maintain Tdh operations (project cycle management cycle, administration, finance and logistics) in the north, making sure that all operational mechanisms are in place and functioning for a smooth and quality implementation of the entire programme

Programme implementation: Under the supervision of the Programme Coordinator, coordinate the implementation of all projects in the north of Jordan, ensuring that all projects are implemented in accordance with the Tdh programme and operational standards and are in line with the country strategy 2018-2020 Team management and coaching: in charge of recruiting, supervising and coaching the team in the north, and enabling a nurturing team work environment. Representation: in charge of networking with local and international stakeholders in the area of operations and liasing with local authorities to ensure a coordinated and viable implementation of the programme in the north.**

The Area Operations Manager, based in Irbid, reports to the Program Coordinator based in Amman office. He/she supervises the Project Manager/Field Assistant Coordinator, the Finance and Administrative Officer, the Logistic Officer who have respectively functional link of supervision with the Finance and Administrative Coordinator and Logistic Coordinator based in Amman office. S/he administratively supervises the M&E officer who reports directly to the Quality and Accountability Coordinator based in Amman office.


Terre des hommes (Tdh) opened its delegation in Jordan in 2007 and it currently implements two main programs: an Acces to Justice and a response towards the Syrian crisis in the host communities in the Northern Governorates and in the refugee camp.
In the context of the response to the Syrian crisis, Tdh is providing a comprehensive package of services for vulnerable Syrian and Jordanian childrenin order to enhance their well-being and to promote their social cohesion and resiliencethrough Psychosocial Support activities, life skills, informal education and case management. In addition, community mobilizationis strengthening Child Protection system and mechanisms at community level to build a more protective environment for children. Capacity building of the local and national stakeholdersis the cornerstone of the longer-term projects and a priority for Tdh Jordan. A specific focus on social cohesion and integration, child as well as parents - participation and youth empowerment is prioritized.
The coordination office of Tdh in Jordan is located in Amman and the sub-office in Irbid in North is managed by the Area Operation Manager. The delegation is composed by more or less 60 employees who are currently mainly based in the North where the large part of the activities are implemented. The delegation is very dynamic, at the beginning of 2018 the global budget was about 3.5 million CHF, thanks to several donors whose the main are AFD, OCHA and ECHO.

Major responsibilities
Programme operations and security

Lead and coordinate the set up and maintenance of the north office operational mechanism to ensure that the programme functions efficitenty (incl IT, Logistics, HR, Finance, Administration, Procurement, Safety&Security, Communication mechanisms) in close collaboration with the support and programme department in Amman coordination office.Manage the north programme team and resources according to Tdh policies,procedures and in line with the Theory of Change (TOC) and Country Strategy 2018-2020.Manage the programme resources in respect of Tdh and donor requirements and policies, in the most efficient and cost effective way while aiming for the highest quality operational mechanisms for the entire team.Monitor on monthly basis the north programme actual expenditures and compare them with the planned expenses and review the budget if needed with the Finance officer, Project Manager the Finance Coordinator.Prepare monthly management reports, financial reports for the coordination office in Amman and donors as required.Maintain close and constructive communication with the Amman office on implementation progress


In collaboration and with the support of the Logistic Coordinator, respects Terre des hommes security procedures in Jordan and make sure that her/his team are briefed and understand the rules in place.In collaboration with the Logistic Coordinator and the Country Representative, to establish systems that safeguard beneficiaries, staff and the organizations image and reputation.Make sure that a clear communication flow is established to reach all team members and that information reach Tdh staf on an effictient and timely manner

Programme Implementation

Lead and coordinate the implementation of the North Program based on Tdh working principles and as per donor s agreements in collaboration with the local partners, communities and other key stakeholders.Lead and coordinate the development/review of the plan of activities of the north programme and oversee the implementation of those activities according to the timeline and budget available in the course of the year.Lead and coordinate the establishment and functioning of a monitoring and evaluation system in the north in collaboration with the Q&A department in Amman office and ensure record keeping of monthly project progress against the stated objectives and indicators to evaluate the program progress towards stated outputs, outcomes and goals on a periodical basis.In collaboration with the Project Managers and his/her team and in coordination with all others Departments, oversees to prepare narrative, statistical and financial reports for donors as required, in a timely manner.Lead the quarterly reflection meetings, periodical review meeting and the annual reporting process, in close cooperation with the Programme Coordinator and the Q&A department in Amman office.Participate and contribute in the drafting of concept notes/proposals when required by the Programme Coordinator and assist/co-operate with the Programme Coordinator to generate funding for proposed projects.Assist in the development of programmatic guidelines and strategies for additional interventions, in accordance with the established overall country strategy of Tdh Jordan

Staff Management and coaching

Recruit programme and support staff in the operational area in cooperation with Direct Supervisor, Finance and HR Coordinator and HR officer.Ensure regular sharing of information among the staff on Tdh policies/procedures/management processes etc. As applicable to the position, maintains a clear understanding of Tdh and donor compliance and ethics standards and adheres to those standards. Communicates these values to staff and to partners and requires them to adhere to these values by leading by example. Supervise the north programme area staff and lead them in understanding their role as well as ensuring high staff performance.Co-ordinate on-job training for all staff and ensure staff development through training as appropriate, based on the Tdh Capacity Building Plan.Builds the technical and managerial capacity of the field staff in planning and implementing programmes effectively and efficiently;Evaluates the staff under her/his direct responsibility on a regular basis and pass on the evaluations and recommendations to his/her direct supervisor and to the HR department in Amman office;Encourage team spirit and ensure teamwork especially on issues related to cross-sectoral collaborationEncourage critical thinking and team reflection.Establishes a culture of open communication, professional conduct and one that empowers staff


Network with all community stakeholders, including traditional leaders and faith based actors to assure and strengthen community understanding of Tdh projects, mission and goals.Network with other national and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), CBOs and local government officials, in the programme area to ensure good collaboration and encourage partnerships.Under the supervision of the Program Coordinator, represents the organization locally to partner NGOs, CBOs and local authorities; regularly attends coordination meetings and reports to the Program Coordinator and other departments on the outcome of those meetings.Positions Tdh within the humanitarian & development actors at the local level, by presenting good practices and impact of Tdh interventions.Bring into the organization new ideas, good practices from external platforms that contribute to improving the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of Tdh programming

Internal Coordination

Under the lead of the Program Coordinator, and in collaboration with other Coordinators and the CR, participates as an active member in monthly internal coordination meetings, in which s/he presents a detailed review of current achievements, challenges faced and options considered for each projects under his/her responsability;Ensure the correct flow of operational information to the others departments in the delegation;Under the supervision of the Program Coordinator and with the technical support of Regional Program Coordinators provided to Project Managers, collaborates to develop the thematics strategy in line with the Tdh strategic commitments.


Takes full responsibility of knowing and implementing institutional policies on security, child protection and fraud prevention throughout all process of the North operation.Commits to ensure the best implementation possible of the Tdh Child Safeguarding Policy (CSP) in her/his area, including participation in annual audit, and reviews and updates of action plan;Commits to inform the Country Representative and/ the Head of MENA Region and to deal with any case of any allegations or possibility of transgression, even potential, of the CSP and Code of Conduct;Respects Terre des hommes security procedures in Jordan.

S/he will have direct access to information, such as the general strategy of Tdh in Jordan, including programming objectives in the field, financial details, and security guidelines. A professional sense of security, confidentiality, and proper representation is paramount. The incumbent will conduct her/his duties in respect of the Charter of Terre des hommes and Tdh Child Safeguarding Policy. Terre des hommes expects that its contractors professional conduct reflect proper behaviour in accordance with local culture and traditions. The incumbent assures the moral protection of the name of Terre des hommes and defends in all circumstances the interests of the movement.


Minimum 5 years of direct management experienceof NGO project and operations management on the field mandatory.Previous relevant experience and extensive knowledge of **project management: **Management, planning and staff development Budget planning, management and follow-up Proposal and report writing Experience of major institutional donors (UNICEF; SwS; DDC; AFD) and significant projects Experience in undertaking and/or supervising field assessments; exploratory missions; baseline and endline surveySignificant knowledge and experience in managing logistics, administration, finance and securityPrevious relevant experience and excellent competencies in human resources management and good managerial skills (local teams) Excellent team leadership Organisational and managerial skills Strong capacity and motivation for team work Ability to motivate and develop skills of othersPreferred experience and knowledge of the relevant programs (Child Protection /LRRD/protracted crisis/resilience/Juvenile Justice).Others personal abilities: Fluency in Arabic and English is mandatory Sound personal organisational skills, including time management, ability to meet deadlines multi-tasking, prioritisation of tasks, and working under pressure Analytical and problem solving skills Communication of professional needs in a clear, concise and responsible manner Cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity Tolerance and acceptance of diversity Flexibility and strong adaptation skills
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