UN High Commissioner for RefugeesClosing Date : 2017-01-22
Duty Station : Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
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Organization: UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Country: C te d'Ivoire
Closing date: 22 Jan 2017

UNHCR Cote d'Ivoire Job vacancy


Reference : AV/ICO/001/2017

Duration : 1 February to 30 April 2017.

Level : IICA 1 (ICSC-9/P2 equivalent)

Supervisor : Senior Protection Officer

Location : Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire

Application deadline : until 22 January at 23:59



UNHCR Cote d'Ivoire is recruiting for a short-term (3 months) international individual contractor position of Associate Protection Officer (Statelessness).

The position reports to the Senior Protection Officer. As a member of the Protection Team of UNHCR Cote d Ivoire Country Office, the incumbent is responsible for ensuring that all statelessness issues in the country are analysed, monitored, and effectively followed-up on. Carrying out these tasks, the incumbent will aim to identify key statelessness challenges, and assist in developing strategies to address statelessness within Cote d Ivoire.

Cote d Ivoire has one of the world s largest situations of statelessness, due to restrictive nationality laws and complex administrative practices. Since 2013 it is party to the Conventions on statelessness, and must now bring its laws and practices in line with these international standards.

To do so, UNHCR is supporting the Ivorian government and civil society to implement the Abidjan Declaration on eradication of statelessness in the ECOWAS region, and to adopt and implement the Ivorian National Action Plan to eradicate statelessness, drawn up pursuant to the Abidjan Declaration.

The Operation s strategy to end statelessness in Cote d Ivoire is aligned with these frameworks, and contains numerous activities to be implemented and coordinated in 2017, with the ultimate aim of achieving greater reduction and prevention of statelessness via legal reform, and identification and protection of stateless persons and those at risk in Cote d Ivoire.

To ensure that these activities planned for implementation in 2017 are successfully completed, it is necessary to bolster the human resources of the Protection Unit in Abidjan through the engagement of an additional staff member dedicated to statelessness.


Accountability(key results that will be achieved)

Timely and pertinent technical support on statelessness and policy advice is provided to the Representative and the Protection Team.

Representative is regularly kept informed of developments and trends on statelessness in Cote d Ivoire.

Assistance is provided in the development of strategies at the national level on statelessness.

Responsibility(process and functions undertaken to achieve results)

Stay abreast of political, social, economic and cultural developments that have an impact on the protection environment, in particular, on the issue of statelessness.

Serve as the focal point for thematic issues of law and policy relating to statelessness and provides technical advice and policy support on these issues to the Representative.

Collect, monitor, and analyse information, statistics, and developments related to statelessness in the country, and initiate and carry out activities to identify how many stateless persons reside in Cote d Ivoire.

Analyse regular and ad hoc reporting, and provide support to the Representative to react to and initiate actions to revise citizenship laws to prevent and reduce statelessness in line with relevant international standards.

Obtain regular statistical updates on the official number and profile of persons of concern under UNHCR s statelessness mandate in Cote d Ivoire and, particularly, the accurate reporting of statistics on the reduction of statelessness.

Continue advocacy with the relevant actors in relation to further legislative reform in respect of statelessness.

Provide expert input on the identification of nationality and statelessness within repatriated persons.

Authority(decisions made in executing responsibilities and to achieve results)

Engage with offices in the country and work units in the country, region and at Headquarters to devise strategies to identify, prevent and reduce statelessness and protect stateless persons.

Identify potential partners outside UNHCR, including for operational responses, training and fundraising, and, in consultation with the head of office, initiate and maintain contact with them.


Managerial Competencies

Managing Performance

Judgement and Decision Making

Strategic Planning and Vision

Cross-Functional Competencies

Analytical Thinking

Planning and Organizing Political Awareness


University degree in Law, International Law, political Sciences or related field.

Minimum of 4 year of relevant job experience.

Experience in working closely with and coordinating a number of stakeholders including Government, UN Agencies and civil society.

Experience in provision of legal aid and legal assistance to populations of concern to UNHCR and, in particular, managing legal assistance projects.

Experience in protection/human rights monitoring and in providing protection information.

Experience in conducting participatory assessments.

Excellent knowledge of English and French language.


Experience in working with UNHCR and in West Africa are valuable assets.

Professionalism and sound knowledge of international law and international human rights law, with particular reference to statelessness and nationality.

Ability to analyse nationality and civil registration law and procedure.

Political sensitiveness and ability to operate in complex political situations.

Gender, age and diversity perspective, to ensure adequate attention to women participation and attention to other concerns of persons with specific needs (children elderly etc.).

Good drafting skills;

How to apply:

This is a short term International Individual contractor level 1 position, administered by UNOPS and covering 3 months. For more information on this contractual modality, please visit : https://www.unops.org/english/Opportunities/job-opportunities/what-we-offer/Pages/Individual-Contractor-Agreements.aspx

Interested candidates should make their application through email at the following address : ICOABHR@unhcr.org

The subject line should be the reference of the job vacancy AV/ICO/001/2017.

The deadline for making an application is January 22 at 23:59.

Attachments in a single email should not exceed 5 MB. Candidates can send their applications' attachments through multiple emails.

The application must include the following elements :

a signed motivation letter addressed to the UNHCR Representative in Cote d'Ivoire

a detailed CV with the contact details of the applicant (both email and phone contacts)

a P11 with at least 3 references as well as their contact details (both email and phone contacts). The P11 can be downloaded at the following address : www.unhcr.org/recruit/p11new.doc

Copies of the academic degrees

Copies of the work certificates

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