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Organization: Danish Refugee Council
Country: Denmark
Closing date: 15 Jan 2017


DACAAR is looking for an experienced consultant to review the governance structure and ownership of DACAAR and will present different scenarios that will fit the organization for the future.

The consultancy will look at the current organizational setup and lessons learned from other comparable organizations and will make recommendations for a future setup.

Introduction to the organization

DACAAR is an apolitical Danish non-governmental, non-profit development organisation that has been working to improve the lives of the Afghan people. DACAAR works in rural areas and aims at improving rural livelihoods through sustainable activities that engage Afghan communities to be agents of their own development process. DACAAR was founded in Pakistan in 1984 by 4 Danish NGOs. Today DACAAR is governed by two Danish NGO s: Danish Peoples Aid and Danish Refugee council that each appoints 1 board member for the DACAAR Governing Board.

DACAAR has its main office in Kabul with 651 national staff, 5 expatriates and a liaison office in Denmark with 1,5 staff. Daily management of the organization is conducted by a Director, deputy Director and senior management team in Kabul. The Director is referring to a board. DACAAR has for the past 5-10 years undergone an Afghanization process where more and more tasks and responsibility have been handed over to Afghan Management. This has also been followed by gradually replacing expatriates with Afghans in management positions except the Director position. A number of expatriate advisory positions were established to support the Afghan managers but also most of these positions have been phased out. DACAAR has now reached a stage where some consideration of a future organizational setup and ownership of the organization should look like.

1. Purpose

The Governing Board and Senior Management of DACAAR want to position DACAAR the best possible way for the future. The consultancy therefore will review DACAAR current ownership and governance structure with two NGOs holding the governing board responsibility and a Director and senior management responsible for the daily management. The consultant will point at the best possible way to organize ownership and governance in order to position the organization for the future.

1.1 Scope

This consultancy will analyse the current governance structure and ownership of DACAAR; identify and analyse other ways to organize DACAAR. Based on the findings the consultant will come forward with recommendations and road maps for the most ideal governance structure and ownership of DACAAR.

The following is expected to be considered:

Perceptions of current ownership and visions for the future

Clarify how the organizations behind DACAAR (DPA and DRC) perceive the current ownership and governance structure as well as their visions of a future ownership and governance of DACAAR What kind of key questions should the organizations behind DACAAR and management ask themselves in their considerations about changing ownership and governance structures Clarify how key players in DACAAR perceive the current ownership and governance structure and their vision for a future setup How are different tentative options for a change in ownership and governance structure perceived by the key players in in DACAAR, Danish People s Aid and in Danish Refugee Council? How would key donors perceive changes in ownership and governance and changes from e.g. international to a national organization?

Recommendations on ownership

International or national organization define the concepts as e.g. ownership and governance structure for an international/national organization can take several forms. Put forward different models of ownership and governance structure with pro and cons - and come with recommendations for what would be most ideal for DACAAR? Consider how a change in ownership and governance structure could affect the funding streams DACAAR currently have access to. How other NGOs similar to DACAAR are governed what are the lessons learned? What would be the procedures, requirements (including legal) if DACAAR were to change the ownership and transfer it into one of the recommended models put forward by the consultant?

Recommendations on governance structure

Come forward with suggestions about how the management should be organized currently there is a senior management group referring to a Director that is referring to a board. Reflect on what would be the most ideal setup for the organization There is a Liaison Office that on behalf of the governing board is responsible for monitoring and quality insurance, liaison with European stakeholders, facilitates some of all the functions provided from DRC and DPA as well as assists the Kabul office in the daily work. Analyze the future role or need for a secretariat. What would be the procedures, requirements (including legal) if DACAAR were to change the current governance structures and ownership and transfer it into one of the recommended models put forward by the consultant?

1.2 Suggested methodologies (timeline and methodology to be discussed with consultant)

Phase I (2 weeks): will include desk review of the current ownership and organizational setup. There will be a study of the legality of the current set up and requirements for another possible set up. The consultant will travel to Kabul, Afghanistan and talk to key players in DACAAR and visit national and international organizations, donors, relevant persons from government defined by DACAAR. The consultant will also look at how a different setup for DACAAR will affect the funding stream.

Phase II (4 days): The consultant will travel to Denmark and will talk to key players in Danish Peoples Aid and Danish Refugee Council, Danida as well as the Liaison Office.

Phase III (Three working days): Preliminary report bringing forward to be discussed with SMT and Governing Board members

Phase IV (One working week): Governing Board, SMT comments on the preliminary report.

Phase V (Two working days): finalizing a report

Note: The information package and list of staff and key informants for interviews will be provided to the evaluation team upon signing of the contract.

2. Expected outputs:

A reflection about how key players find the current management structure and ownership and see upon the future. A list of relevant questions the organizations behind DACAAR need to reflect on in order to bring DACAAR forward Reflection of the current setup in DACAAR and a presentation of 3 different possible ways of DACAAR ownership including a road map of what would be the procedures and requirements to change to the suggested models. Reflection of governance structures and Liaison Office and a presentation of 3 different possible ways to organize DACAAR governance including a road map of what would be the procedures and requirements to change to the suggested models. A draft final report presented to management in Kabul and Governing Board Final Evaluation Report (in soft copy) along with the roll-out plan.

3. Qualifications:

The consultant will have:

At least 10 years of experience in Organizational Development (OD) in the NGO sector, At least five years of experience and demonstrated skills in change management, The consultant should demonstrate capacity to reflect over both Danish and Afghan legal requirements Excellent report writing skills (English), demonstrated by previous reports, Experience, knowledge and clear understanding of the Afghanistan development context,

4. Expected duration and time frame

The assignment is expected to be completed within an estimated x weeks; this will include x active working days for the Consultant.

5. Financial Proposal

All costs associated with travel as well as accommodation, food, local transportation and other logistical costs while in Afghanistan will be covered fully by DACAAR in line with the organisation's policies. The Consultant should find a reasonable place to stay for the period she/he is visiting DACAAR in Denmark, DACAAR will reimburse the cost and pay a daily per diem if the consultant does not hold a Danish address. The financial proposal should include consultancy fees, visa fee, air travel expenses to Afghanistan and Denmark (economy class) if applicable, insurance for the consultant and other necessary costs. Taxes will be levied on the contract in line with the Tax Laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

6. Proposals

The proposal must contain: a) a motivation letter, and b) a budget as described above and c) a CV.

References for previous similar work completed and sample reports from jobs previously carried out by the consultant will be requested at a later stage.

How to apply:

Interested freelance consultants should submit their applications here no later than 14th of January.

For questions and clarifications, please contact Program Coordinator Vibeke Falkenberg phone + 45 33735034 vibeke.falkenberg@drc.dk. Applications sent directly to this address will not be entertained.



The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is a humanitarian, non-governmental, non-profit organisation founded in 1956 that works in more than 35 countries throughout the world. We are the largest humanitarian NGO in Denmark and consistently ranked as one of the world s best NGOs according to Global_Geneva.
We fulfil our mandate by providing direct assistance to conflict-affected populations refugees, internally displaced people and host communities in the conflict areas of the world. We also advocate on behalf of conflict-affected populations globally on the basis of humanitarian principles and the Human Rights Declaration. Our work and long-term strategies are guided by our five core values: Humanitarian approach - Respect - Independence & neutrality - Inclusion - Honesty & transparency.
You can read more about our vision and work ondrc.ngo.

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